One Design Recognized Class

Your "Class Association" and PHRF-LO - how to get an ODR rating.

PHRF-LO has many "Class" boats that, over the past 30 years, have requested a "Class" rating.

A list of these classes can be viewed by reviewing our Handicappers Manual - Appendage.

If you have a "Class Association" and would like to apply for a "Recognized Class Association ODR Handicap, you will need to apply to Central Council for approval.

What you will need!

1. Class Rules published on-line with a link to the web site.

2. A letter or email from a member of the Class Association Board, requesting this designation

3. A complete list of all maximum sail sizes and boat specifications.

Why do we need this?

PHRF-LO does not just apply a "Handicap number" to Class boats.

Our ODR ratings are handled differently than in other PHRF regions. Please read our article on PHRF-LO and One Design Rating (ODR) - explained.

Central Council will review the request and submitted information at their next scheduled meeting and either approve the request or deny it. If approved, a list of adjustments for one-design boats within that class will be published in the Handicappers Manual - Appendage.