OLC is for the PHRF-LO Handicapper to access, renew, edit, change and add new certificates to your clubs PHRF-LO roster.

This can only be accessed by using the Registration Login in the Login Screen. Click on the top left three lines.

Once Logged in, you can access the My Certificates section from the Main Menu in two places.

Renewing a Certificate

Certificates expire each year on December 31st.

Certificates that are marked INVALID UNTIL RENEWED, need to be renewed for the year in which the Owner will be racing.

My Certificates is a list of all certificates currently listed under your Club.

All Registered Handicappers at your club have access to these and can Edit or Renew them.

When you edit a certificate, you open up a Certificate Transactions Screen.

From here you can edit an existing Owner & Boat information on a Certificate, remembering that the Certificate belongs to the Owner, not the boat.

You cannot change the Sail or Hull number as those are used to track the individual boats in our system.

Only Certificate Transactions that have been "Saved" will be processed by the Admin office.

You must create and save a Certificate Transaction in order to have it processed by the Admin Office.

The New Certificate Worksheet is a Member Area where the Member Handicappers can enter new certificate information (like the old Handicappers Worksheet - ASP Calc Tab)

These are NOT connected to the PHRF-LO Database and are not processed until you finish it by Creating a Certificate Transactions.