Time on Time Current

Time-on-Time scoring is not new. It has been widely used nationally and internationally as a valid method to score handicap yacht racing.

The most well known recent use of Time-on-Time was the PORTSMOUTH Handicap numbers, a predecessor to our own PHRF system, which for many years provided an easily implemented handicap system for local racing.


current Primary Formula


endorsed Alternate Formula

for calculating the

Time on Time multiplier.

A= 566.431

B= 401.431

Formula = 566.431/(401.431+TOD)

Scratch Boat = 165 (ToT = 1.000)

for calculating the

Time on Time multiplier.

A= 650

B= 550

Formula = 650/(550+TOD)

Scratch Boat = 100 (ToT = 1.000)

This recommended formula is appropriate for use in the majority of club evening events as it has been designed to address the larger rating spread usually found in club events as well as the effects of diminishing wind due to sunset.

This alternate formula may be appropriate for use in Day Races and Interclub events.

NOTE: When being used, this "Alternate" SHALL be stated in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, in order to be valid.