Race Analysis & Alerts

The analysis and Alerts are now available.

Race Analysis Reports
Have been uploaded to our web site.

Link to reports page
You can also find them by selecting Publications/Races Analysis reports from our Main menu.

Handicappers, when logged in, will be able to access individual details reports


Alert Review Classes
Have been identified.

Link to list of classes
You can also find them by selecting Searches & Queries from our main menu.

You can select only classes under review by filtering by Status (A = Alert)

Link to Class Review Worksheets
You can also find them by selecting Publications/Race Analysis. There is a link to the worksheets.

If you have any information or comments, regarding any of the classes that are up for review. Please post them in our Forum.
Please use the name of the boat class as your "Subject".

Best Regards,

Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO

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