My Certificates is now open for 2022

The OLC system, in particular, the My Certificates function is now available for you to renew and change your certificates.

You will enjoy the added "Revised Handicap" tab that shows you the ASP(s) as you make the changes to your members certificates.

DON'T FORGET to watch the Youtube video on how to use the On-line Certificate.


You will not be able to process any renewals or updates until your Club has paid the 2022 Member Invoice.

You can check the status and see a copy of the invoice by selecting: Searches & Queries, Member/Club Queries.

Select your club and it will indicate:

Payment Received or Invoiced - Not Paid

If it is showing as Invoiced - Not Paid, please contact the person at your club to ensure payment has been made. If you suspect there is a problem, please let us know by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: We have done testing, but do ask that you alert us to any issues you may come across. We will try to address them as they occur.


Diana Riley
PHRF-LO Exec Assist