2024 Handicap Changes

Why did my handicap change?

 Many Certificates had updates to their handicap and here may be why.

1. Class Handicap reviews done at the two Central Council meetings.

Central Council - Feb 2024

Central Council - March 2024

2. Graduated Centerline Credit - +/- Various

Many classes have a new adjustment for the a Centerline Tack point.

What used to be a credit of +6 applied to all Centerline Tacked spinnakers, can be anywhere from Zero (0) to +12.

Use this link to get a list of the Class Centerline Credits

3. Equivalency Limit - Various

In some cases, the introduction of the Graduated Centerline Credit resulted in the Equivalency Limit being applied.

The Equivalency limit was introduced in 2021

4. Mast Adjustment +/- 3

Some boats have opted for an alternative to the "standard" mast. For PHRF-LO, all classes are considered standard with an Aluminum Mast, unless indicated on the Class Name with the code "CF" for Carbon Fibre.

If your boat is one of the above. The adjustment has been changed as follows:

Aluminum to Carbon Fibre = -3 penalty (was -6)

Carbon Fibre to Aluminum = +3 credit (was +6)