Sail Measuring & Youtube videos

Handicappers !

Have you considered running some of our videos on your Sail Measuring day?

You might run 2-3 of the videos in conjunction with sail measuring.

Usually there's a crowd standing around waiting so this could be way to let certificate holders become more informed.

You choose the videos that would address what the racers at your club were most interested in.

Brian Thomson

Chief Handicapper PHRF-LO

Visit our Youtube Channel for a complete list of videos:

Here are quick links to videos that you may consider.

Symmetrical Spinnaker Girth - From Max to Mid
Owners should be updating their Symmetrical Spinnaker measurement

Point to Point Racing Handicaps
Discussion on delay of implementing the Point to Point Handicap until 2022.

Free Flying Headsails
Adoption of handicapping free flying headsails for point to point racing.

Keel Assessments
Keel Assessment tool to be adopted when setting new handicaps or doing handicap reviews.

PHRF as a Class (22 minutes)
Racing with a PHRF-LO certificate as a "Class".

The Technical Committee (7 minutes)
Understanding the technical committee on the race course and protests.

The Handicapping Process (5 minutes)
Understand the process of setting the handicaps.