Manual Part II - Class Rules update

Yes, there is a late update to the Handicappers Manual Part II - Class Rules and it has to do with some refinement to the Definitions.

As directed by Central Council, the Handicappers Manual Part II - Class Rules have been updated to include some PHRF-LO specific rules that are outside the Equipment Rules of Sailing.

Please ensure that your boat(s) complies with these rules while racing under the PHRF-LO.

Headsails definition:
HEADSAIL – Comply with ERS G.1.3 (d) and have the LUFF [ERS G.2.3] attached to the FORESTAY [ERS F.1.7 (a)(iii)] as the upwind headsail(s).

Staysails definition:
STAYSAIL – A sail set flying [ERS G.1.2], with no sail EDGE [ERS G.2] attached to the RIG [ERS F.1.1], that is equal to or smaller in area and size than the HEADSAIL, attached at the HEAD [ERS G.3.2] and TACK [ERS G.3.3] within the FORETRIANGLE [ERS F.6].

We apologize for the late addition and any issues this may cause.


Diana Riley
Executive Assistant

per Owen Schneider and Central Council