PHRF-LO Season Championship

A PHRF-LO Certificate holder award!

Since 2018 PHRF-LO has been awarding racers for participation in events around the Lake and surrounding waters.

These events are listed on our Championship Events Calendar and are scored according to the rules listed in this article.






1. Rules

The PHRF-LO Season Championship events will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing

2. Eligibility

Registration for any of the designated regattas or races is processed by that events Organizing Authority.

The PHRF-LO Season Championship events are open to any boat that meets the requirements prescribed by that events Organizing Authority and complies with the following:-

Proof of membership in a national authority, this ensures compliance with rule 46 and its prescription;
Has a valid PHRF-LO certificate on board for the PHRF-LO handicap class in which she is racing;

3. 2022 Designated Events

Check our calendar for all Championship Events

4. Scoring

Scores are included for those events in which a boat raced in a PHRF-LO handicap class.

Points are scored per event in accordance with the adapted Chipstead Scoring System as described in PHRF-LO Championship Scoring. These provisions apply as permitted by Rule 90.3(a) of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing.

A boats 2022 Championship score is the total of her best 4 designated event scores.

The PHRF-LO 2022 Season Championship will be awarded at the PHRF-LO Annual General Meeting.