A note from your PHRF-LO Treasurer!

Fellow Certificate Holders,

It is great to see so many clubs getting a start on the racing season of 2020, albeit with reduced numbers.

Hopefully, there will be more events this fall prior to haul out and to those of you who have renewed your certificate for the current season....THANK YOU!

Your support is greatly appreciated!

We (as an organization) are endeavoring to maintain the long term viability of the PHRF-LO organization and we are appealing to all handicap racers ...

please RENEW your PHRF-LO certificate.

Even if you are participating in “non-competitive” - fixed course - start when you like - take your own time events; PHRF-LO handicaps, scoring formulae are being used. Show us your Corinthian spirit!

At the August PHRF-LO executive meeting, we reviewed the organizations financial position. We are at a significantly reduced renewal level from 2019, 30% of PHRF-LO clubs with zero renewals. Our expenses have been cut to the bone as we strive to meet the needs of our members. There will be another review and report to the membership after our meeting in November as we prepare for the January 2021 AGM.

In light of the shortage of competitive events, the PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship and the PHRF-LO New Racer Award will not be calculated or presented for 2020.

Alison Jones 
Secretary Treasurer PHRF-LO

PHRF-LO on-lineCheck here to see if your certificate has been renewed for 2020!