Minutes & Videos

Minutes to the Executive meetings held in November & January are now available.

Minutes and Video's of the Annual General Meeting are also now available.

The Executive held their Annual meeting in November, highlights include:

- AGM benefits of holding in person or Zoom meeting

- Spring Training for 2022 and covid restrictions

- Spring Training for 2023 to include Chapman Awards presentation

- Increase in certificate fees for 2022

- Bylaw change to set default voting representative for Members as Main Handicapper

An Executive Meeting was held, highlights include:

- Class Rules re-write concerns

The 2022 Annual General Meeting was held in January, highlights include:

- Certificate fee & Rush Fee increases

- Bylaw Changes

- Handicap Changes for 2022

- Handicappers Manual Changes

- Handicap Changes for 2023

If you are interested, visit our Youtube channel for videos of the Annual Meeting