Spring Training 2022 - Cancelled

Due to the continuing challenges with Covid 19 and holding this event via Zoom, we have regrettably decided to cancel the 2022 Spring Training Session.

We do look forward to resuming our in person workshops again starting in 2023.

In the meantime, we would like to encourage you to view our many Youtube videos that cover last years event and subsequent sessions covering many topics:

Visit our Youtube Channel for a complete list of videos:

Here are quick links to videos that you may like.

Symmetrical Spinnaker Girth - From Max to Mid
Owners should be updating their Symmetrical Spinnaker measurement

PHRF as a Class (22 minutes)
Racing with a PHRF-LO certificate as a "Class".

The Technical Committee (7 minutes)
Understanding the technical committee on the race course and protests.

The Handicapping Process (5 minutes)
Understand the process of setting the handicaps.

Handicapper Tools (9 minutes)
Handicapping Tools that club handicappers use for processing certificates.

The Website (14 minutes)
Get a tour of the website and the sections that are for registered Handicappers use only.

The On Line Certificate (25 minutes)
Handicappers are shown how to use the On-line certificate to renew and change certificates at their club

The Handicappers Worksheet (51 minutes)
Handicappers are shown how to use the Handicappers Worksheet to submit a new certificate and a new class.

Class Ratings (6 minutes)
The procedure for setting a New Handicap (aka Initial Assignment)

Racing (12 minutes)
Recording, entering and submitting race results for PHRF-LO.

If you have any questions please reach out to your club handicapper.