Bylaw change 2023

A proposal to allow internal auditing of the PHRF-LO finances is being proposed to be included in our Bylaws:

addition of the following
10. Select a Member representative and alternate who shall provide an annual internal audit of the ORGANIZATION.
Delete 4.8(2)

4.8.   Duties of the President

Role: He/she is charged with the general management and supervision of the ORGANIZATION and the furtherance of its objectives.  

Rights and Responsibilities:

  1. The President shall report to the MEMBERS at the Annual or at any Special Meeting on the operation of the ORGANIZATION.  
  2. The President shall provide an annual audit of the ORGANIZATION's accounts.
  3. The President shall preside at all Annual and Special meetings of the MEMBERS.  
  4. The President shall Chair the Executive OFFICERS Meeting


At the 2023 Annual General Meeting the following was voted on:

8.1 Bylaws

8.2 (10) – Asking to have a Member representative and alternate who will do an Internal Audit of the Organization.

Motion of Amendment of change of wording ‘Internal Audit’ to ‘Annual Internal Financial Review’

Motion : Select a member representative and alternate who shall provide an Annual Internal Financial Review of the Organization.  M/S – Alison Jones/John O’Dwyer - Approved

Motion to Delete Bylaw 4.8 (2)  M/S: Joe Malon, Scott Lyons– Approved