Spring Training 2024

This survey is to help us to continue to make improvements to our Annual Workshop.

Your answers will be shared with the Executive of PHRF-LO

  1. What Member Club are you from?

    Name of the club you are a member of

  2. What involvement do you have with PHRF-LO

    • New Handicapper
    • Experienced handicapper
    • Member of your club's race committee or organizing authority
    • Certificate Holder
    • Other
  3. How did you attend?

    • In Person
    • Zoom
  4. Have you attended a Workshop in the past?

    • No
    • Yes, in Person
    • Yes, via Zoom
  5. Which items on the schedule were you most interested in?

    Choose as many as apply.

    • Introduction to PHRF & PHRF-LO
    • Members Invoice Explained
    • Handicapping Changes 2024
    • Certificates (OLC)
    • The Class Boat
    • Race Management
    • NOR & SI
    • Rating Systems
    • Race Analysis submission
    • Understanding the Analysis
    • Handicap reviews
  6. Do you feel we communicated effectively for the items you were interested in?

    You can answer yes or no or add a description

  7. After the Workshop we held a sail measurement session. Was this useful?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not applicable
  8. Any other comments/recommendations you would like to add regarding the presentation?