3rd Level Review


CENTRAL COUNCIL will review all appeals that fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. The CERTIFICATE HOLDER is dissatisfied with the decision of the DISTRICT and has requested a review by CENTRAL COUNCIL.
  2. The DISTRICT noted in their minutes that they feel the appeal warrants review by CENTRAL COUNCIL.
  3. The DISTRICT noted in their minutes that the appeal warrants action but Class of Boat is not Unique to that DISTRICT.

The appeal will be reviewed with the following proviso:

  • The CENTRAL COUNCIL shall not hear the appeal until the next scheduled CENTRAL COUNCIL meeting.
  • All appeals will be reviewed by one of the Assistant Chief HANDICAPPERs (or a delegate) prior to being presented to CENTRAL COUNCIL.
  • The appeal must be accompanied by the written statement from the local HANDICAPPER(s) and the DISTRICT Meeting minutes where the appeal was reviewed.
  • The DISTRICT Chief HANDICAPPER from the DISTRICT of origin shall not vote on the final appeal.

Updated Jan 2017