One Design Rating - getting a certificate

You want to apply for a PHRF-LO certificate for your class boat.

PHRF-LO has a limited number of One Design Recognized Class.

To qualify for the One Design Class certificate under PHRF-LO the owner must indicate, and validate upon request, to the handicapper that the sails either:

a. Have a Class Tag, Stamp or other indication of compliance with class rules and/or

b. Sails are within the maximum dimensions of the class rules indicated below when subjected to measurement.

One Design Recognized Classes as of 2021 are:

8 Meter - Classic (new in 2021)

8 Meter - Modern (new in 2021)

J 105

J 22

J 24

J 80

Melges 24 CF

Melges 32

Shark 24

Ulitmate 20


For more details on these classes, please refer to our One Design Recognized Class