Sail & Handicapping Guidelines Support

To our valued Clubs and Handicappers,

As we approach the 2014 racing season, many of you may be experiencing anxiety at the volume of work that will be required with all the new/different sail measurements that we will be asking for. Rest assured, you will not be left out there to fend for yourself.

We have created a complete set of suggestions and/or guidelines for Clubs. Handicappers and especially owners to help lighten the burden.

Of course, as always, your individual Club and/or handicappers can decide how you want to handle the influx of certificate changes but we are enclosing some documentation (links) that can be printed and supplied to owners or your club when questions arise.

MARCH 2014: Some modifications to the original publication where made to correct some formula issues.
Click here for specific details about the change.



What are all the changes & requirements?


  Grandfather Credit
  Headsail Half Width (HHW)
  Spinnaker Area Changes
  Other Adjustments





What Questions are being answered?








What Instructions Have we included!




NOTE: All new sails require that a sailmaker's certificate accompany the PHRF-LO certificate application form!




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