Why are ODR fleets excluded from the analysis?

Answer: The race analysis requires that a fleet have differences in ratings in order to derive at a calculated ASP for each boat in the fleet.

With a one design fleet, all the handicaps are equal and therefore the analysis does not accurately calculate the necessary data.

Question: How can we get our club’s one design fleet included in the analysis?

Answer: You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways.

1.       Have the one design fleet “Start” at the same time as one of the other fleets. When you send in your race results for analysis, you will have to indicate this and we will combine the results.

2.       Include one or two other (closely rated boats) in the fleet. When the fleet is reviewed, it will be noted that it is not a “One design fleet” and be analyzed.

 Remember, the analysis works best when the fleet has a close spread in ratings. A spread of no more than 30 sec/nm is ideal.