Summary of Reviews Tab

Tab 6. Summary of Reviews - Instructions

A detailed summary of all the reviews done in the "Comparables", "Calculated Ratings" & "National Worksheet".

Highlights include:

  • Gives a complete overview of all the calculations and results for the "selected standard class" against all the "chosen comparable yachts"
  • Classes are listed in an easy to read format so that YOU can make an educated assessment.

** Having trouble with "Buttons" not working. Check our article: Enable Macros using Excel

This tab is automatically completed for you as you complete the Comparables, Calculated Ratings & National sheet (tab).

It does not take into account handicaps from the Comparables sheet (tab), but rather lists deltas for the "Sport Index", Sail Area to Displacement (SA/Disp) and Displacement to Length (Disp/LL) for comparison purposes. Manual interpretation of these values should assist you in determining the validity of the summary values.