Sailwave TOD/TOT & Wind recording

When using Sailwave for scoring your races, you will need to enter several pieces of information that are related to PHRF-LO and our race analysis.

Here is information you may not be aware of:

Ratings and Divisions

Wind recording for each race

Ratings and Divisions:

You can enter the PHRF-LO handicap as the "Rating"

and then use the Sailwave (built in) "Rating System" to convert to the Time On Time scoring system. This function is found under "Scoring Systems".

Wind recording for each race:

The race analysis results are heavily affected by wind, so as outlined in the article "RACE RESULTS PRIMER"

In order to ensure the best possible data,​ winds between 5 and 20 knot are best.

The Sailwave Extraction process has been set up to retrieve this data from the Average wind strength information (see picture) on each race.

You can enter the (Min - max) wind is all that is needed. (Kts are implied)