Dear Member Clubs & Handicappers,

            We want to reach out to our members to acknowledge the difficult position we all face in the midst of the current pandemic restrictions.

Your Executive held a Video conference on April 18th to discuss this and the effect on our members and the potential effect on racing. We are facing the same struggles, as we, your Executive, are all members at clubs that have had to adapt our thinking and come up with solutions or adjustments to what the 2020 sailing season will look like.

Recognizing that there are already major events that have been cancelled, we hold hope that this resolves itself in time to enjoy the many events still in the planning. But we also know that this is a very unstable environment that is changing rapidly and we just do not know what the future holds.

In that light, we have decided to move forward, Business as usual, for the time being but with some precautions. So we wanted to outline what was discussed, how we may address issues and what you can expect from us.

  1. Our focus is to support our Members during this time.
  2. Our Cash Flow for 2020 is collected as a deposit via the Membership Invoice for 2020. This deposit is held “in trust” as a credit for your club to use to cover certificates issued during the 2020 season.
  3. Our Cash Flow for 2021 is completely reliant on certificate renewals during 2020. If there is a significant reduction in certificates issued this year, PHRF-LO will be in a deficit position, owing back, all or most of the deposit paid.
  4. The PHRF-LO Chapman Championship may be affected by reduced events around the lake.
  5. We will continue, Business as usual for now, while also reducing expenses where possible

How does this affect you, our members?

For 2020, we ask that you pay your Membership invoice as expected. This ensures that PHRF-LO has funds available that will cover us through 2020 and hopefully into 2021 and also maintains your membership status.

We ask that you notify us, when and if you decide to cancel racing for the season, so that we can work with you through this.

We also ask that you consider renewing certificates, even if racing has been cancelled, as a way of ensuring that PHRF-LO stays solvent in 2021.

All of this will be discussed again, by your Executive, at a scheduled Video conference on Aug 10th. It is felt that we should have a better picture of how this will affect us over the next year and what, if any, adjustments will need to be made.

We welcome any suggestions, input and concerns our member clubs may have, so do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you, your family and friends keep safe and well during this time.

Best Regards,

Larry Huibers

PHRF-LO President

per: Diana Riley