Steve Corona has written an excellent background article on the origins of PHRF-LO.  Called Handicap Analysis

This well describes how the organization came into being, how the early determinations of handicaps were made, and how increasing sophistication of the review of assigned handicaps and assigning of handicaps has developed.  The vital question is - where do we go from here?  This is a matter that has consumed considerable time for your executive in the recent past and has two parts that have developed from Steve's article namely, assigning new handicaps and reviewing existing handicaps.

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What is the "Traditional PHRF Racer/Cruiser?

Performance Handicap Racing has its origins in the late 1970s and has been designed around fleets of traditional racer/cruisers and cruiser/racers. These yachts have relatively similar performance characteristics on the various points of sail (beat, reach and run) and in varying sailing conditions (wind strength and sea condition).

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PHRF handicaps are BOAT PERFORMANCE HANDICAPS. They are based upon the SPEED POTENTIAL of CLASSES of yachts. They are supposed to be determined from the actual observed performance of yachts on the racecourse.

PHRF handicaps are not intended to be a Skipper or Crew handicapping system or to compensate for poors ailing ability or inadequate equipment. (as in golf handicaps)

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 Revision: 2005  Author: Steve Corona  Date: 1986

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Applying for a PHRF-LO Certificate?
You will need to complete this form.

Certificate Application Form
To be completed by the Owner.

Want to file an appeal of your handicap?
You will need to complete this form.

Appeal form in pdf

Used to report New Class information to PHRF-LO.

This form is required for any "New" class of boat (a class that does not appear in Class Query) to the lake and must be completed and submitted to your District Chief handicapper.

Initial Assignments are addressed at the next District meeting.




Used for supplying sail dimensions to PHRF-LO

Complete Handicappers Manual for 2022

Includes links for:

Handicappers Manual

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Part I - Procedures:

Revised: Jan 2022

Definitions and Philosophy
Member Dues
Application for Handicap, Certificates and Non Member Certificates
Boat Handicaps (ASP) and Standard Class Handicaps (SP)

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Part II - Class Rules

Revised: April 2022

Terms for Measuring Sails
Calculations, Adjustments and tables for sails, rig and propulsion

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Bylaws - Bylaws of the Organization:

Members, Officers, Central Council and Districts
Appeal procedures 



Modified January 2022

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 Other sections including:

Policy Statements
ODR List

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Terms and Guidelines for Measuring Sails

As defined and described in the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS)

2017 - 2020

We are often asked....How does the analysis work?

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Covering the years
2016 to 2021
(no analysis in 2020)

Summary of results for the following:

Every PHRF-LO class that races over the past 5 years.
For "grouped" classes by design over the past 5 years.
For "Interclub events only" over the past 5 years.



All classes


Also includes:

  • Details on Alerts
  • Alerts Review marked Classes

Grouped Master Classes



Results only



In all cases, a significant amount of time and effort is put into the decision process. Many resources are used including:

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Fleet & Lake

Race Analysis profile reports

Overall performance of all fleets & boats lake wide in both Flying Sails & Non-Flying sails racing
Individual "Fleet" performance in both Flying (FS) and Non-Flying (NFS) sails racing
Overall Club performance for all its fleets in both Flying (FS) and Non-Flying (NFS) sails racing

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PHRF Handicap Analysis on Lake Ontario – A Perspective
By Steve Corona (author of present Race Analysis Program)

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Every year Central Council must review boat classes for various reasons, this generally occurs during the meeting following the Annual General Meeting.

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