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Complete Handicappers Manual for 2020

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Handicappers Manual



This booklet has been compiled to providing the new handicapper with sufficient information to fulfill his/her duty as quickly as possible.  The experienced handicapper will also find this useful as a reference for both the formulae contained within and assist in responding to the most common questions, which arise from time to time.

Many people have put in long hours on their own time to formulate this PHRF-LO system. They have done so out of a sincere desire to improve all sailors’ enjoyment of racing in a world where the 'newest and fastest' designs made racing that 'old tub' a fearful, unpleasant sport.  These people have taken the frustration out of racing through their contributions.

For those who have made these contributions, OUR HEARTFELT THANKS!

BUT, WE must not forget that those who are out there racing 'old tubs and modern rockets' are the best contributors.  Their faith in PHRF-LO has been our continued motivation, and the results from their racing has been the reason for PHRF-LO’s success.  With each race that is scored we have been able to compile more information on individual boats’ sailing characteristics, so now they are able to compete more effectively against most every other vessel sailing within PHRF-LO.

The OLD TIMERS who organized and made PHRF-LO an organization are as follows:

     Jack Schneider, Fred White, Fred Hubble, Charlie Kramer, Steve Corona, Ross Cameron, Steve Cramer, Earl Cliffel, Rick Hibbs, Marv Kriluck, Graham Moss. All of these people and more made their mark. All of us continue to benefit from their initial work.

PHRF-LO handicaps are based on the observed PERFORMANCE of a boat or fleet of boats. To date the PERFORMANCE of PHRF-LO and its Certificate Holders has been grand. It is with the continued support of the Certificate Holders that it will improve further. If we were to dedicate this handbook, it would be to Sailors Everywhere.

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Handicapping Objective


It is the intention of PHRF-LO to provide fair handicaps with minimum expense to Certificate Holders and to make the handicapping process understandable to them through ongoing education.

To obtain an initial handicap whether or not the vessel is one of a fleet with a recognized handicap within PHRF-LO, the vessel owner must submit a completed PHRF-LO application form to the Club Handicapper.

The form is available on the PHRF-LO website at http:/phrf-lo.org or from the PHRF-LO office, 1-800-488-9885 or by contacting their club handicapper.

The owner will verify the PHRF-LO data accuracy annually as part of the annual PHRF-LO membership and handicap review process.  It is the Certificate Holder’s responsibility to inform the PHRF-LO office (via their club handicapper in writing, which may include faxes or e-mails) immediately any changes to the yacht configuration which includes but is not limited to new sails on board that have not been registered by sail measurement by the owner, Club Handicapper or sail maker.

The PHRF-LO administrative office will post an updated PHRF-LO Certificate on their web site.  Competing in a race with a yacht in a configuration different from that shown on the PHRF-LO Certificate is subject to protest by any competitor or the PHRF-LO local District Council or the Central Council.

Competing against a yacht, which has a configuration different from that shown on the PHRF-LO Certificate, is as racing against one without a PHRF-LO Certificate.

PHRF-LO reserves the right to not handicap a yacht if the Certificate Holder has not provided sufficient data.

It is hoped each owner with an e-mail address will share it with the PHRF-LO administrative office so electronic communication can be utilized to simplify and speed-up the yacht handicapping and information process.