Class Reviews - Overview

Every year Central Council must review boat classes for various reasons, this generally occurs during the meeting following the Annual General Meeting.

As displayed in our Class Query, all classes are assigned a status based on any review that may be done. Classes NOT currently slated for review are marked as Status = C.


Some classes have been marked for review based on the results of analyzing the submitted race results over the past 5 years. These boats are listed in the Summary Analysis and noted with a ? beside the CUMULATIVE results to indicate there is an alert.

The Central Council of handicappers must review any Class of Yacht that appears with 3 or more question marks, as mandated by the PHRF-LO member Clubs.

The District Council of handicappers must review any Class of Yacht that appears with under 3 question marks in the CUMULATIVE results and that has double digit calculated differences for at least 4 years, as mandated and reviewed by the Central Council of handicappers.


All "NEW" classes are created by the PHRF-LO Districts, as are some handicap changes. These are also reviewed by Central Council.

GRIEVANCE (Status = G)

Appeals/Grievances to handicaps are addressed on an on-going basis, depending on when they are received for review by Central Council.

A "review" does not mean that a handicap change will result.

SPECIAL (Status = S)

All other class reviews that do not fall into the above categories are marked as "Special".

The Status Reason will identify the review being looked at.