Bloopers are prohibited

At the November 20, 2021, Central Council reviewed the use of bloopers and approved a ban on their use for regular racing.

Item 4d is recorded as follows:

    d) Bloopers - Owen Schneider
                See Owens document on proposal for a new Blooper rule.
                Motion to ban them for regular PHRF-LO racing. M/S: Owen/Adam. Carried.
                Action: communicated at the AGM & via the Newsletter.

Owen Schneider documents was as follows:

Item 4.d - Bloopers

Suggested Wording for PHRF-LO on Bloopers

Definition – A blooper is a headsail used in conjunction with a symmetrical spinnaker (it can also be called a - Reaching Staysaill or Tallboy) and flown from a position at J or less than J, with a halyard, sheets and is not attached along the luff of the sail to the forestay. (See image – Red / White Sail)

Proposal A – Prohibited

X.XX – Bloopers
Bloopers are prohibited. When a spinnaker is set, no jib shall be tacked in such a way as to permit the luff the sail to lie outside of the spinnaker or spinnaker sheet.

Proposal B – Allowed

X.XX – Bloopers

X.XX.01 - Bloopers are only permitted on boats with an age or series date earlier than Jan 1, XXXX.
X.XX.02 -  Bloopers are only allowed on boats rated with an articulating tack point for the spinnaker and using a symmetrical spinnaker.

X.XX.03 - Bloopers will be measured as a headsail. The LP of the blooper shall not exceed 150% of rated J and half width must be no greater than 50% of the foot. The luff of the blooper shall not exceed the luff of the largest rated headsail.

X.XX.04 - The tack point of the blooper must be at or behind J, and may not utilize a retrofitted point.