Changes 2024

Changes to expect on your certificate in 2024.

1. Graduated Centerline Credit.

Q. Will my certificate be affected?

A. If you have a spinnaker that is tacked to a non-articulating Bowsprit or to the Bow Pulpit or anchor roller, then it could possibly get a handicap change.

Q. How can I determine if my certificate will be affected?

A. It is possible, if your boat has a Displacement to Length ratio that is less than 150 or greater than 250.

NOTE: Check the DLR for your "Class" by looking it up in our Queries, Class Query. Then look up the change in our article Graduated Centerline Tack Credit
Classes where a Bowsprit is standard, will have their ASP maintained as it was in 2023. This does not apply to all Centerline Classes.

2. Carbon Fibre Mast adjustment

For boats that have replaced the mast from a Standard Carbon Fibre Mast to an Aluminum or vice versa. The adjustment for this change has been reduced from +/- 6 sec to +/- 3 sec nm.

Q. Will my certificate be affected.

A. Does your certificate show an adjustment for the Mast? The new adjustment will change to 3 sec from the current 6 sec/nm.

Q. How can I check to see if my certificate is affected.

A. Look at your certificate, see below.



 3. Point to Point Time Correction Factor (P2P-TCF)

 You will see a new value on your 2024 Handicap Certificate.

It is the Point to Point Time Correction Factor (P2P-TCF).

The Point to Point handicap adjustments may be used to score any courses that are:

√  longer than 6 nautical mile

√ are of the random leg variety (marks are not adjustable to a true windward leeward Course)

√ are primarily daytime events

 These values can be entered directly into your Scoring program as a TCF.

See our Article Point to Point (P2P-TCF)