Aug 13 - Zoom

Executive Meeting

Zoom Video Conference

Monday, Aug 13, 2020


Attendees: Larry Huibers – Pres, Bill Topping – V. Pres, Alison Jones – Sec/Tres, Brian Thomson – Chief H, Adam Farkas – Asst. Chief, Jamie Dike – Asst. Chief, Diana Riley – Exec Asst

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm
  2. Motion to accept minutes of April 18, 2020
    M/S: Jamie/Larry. Carried.
  3. COVID-19 related items
    1. Status of Ontario Sailing response to racing in Stage 3
      The OSA is unwilling to change their approach and recommendations with regards to racing on Lake Ontario, even though, all members of this body agree that racing CAN be done safely.
      Motion: To approach Sail Canada as to being a member given that we service clubs outside of Ontario. And to pay the 2020 OSA membership dues based on the current number of certificate holder renewals as a percentage against last year. Currently at 55%.
      M/S: Alison/Larry. Carried.

    2. Racing & Events on Lake Ontario
      It appears that there will be minimal events happening this year.
      Events noted as still on: CAN AM Regatta, LOSHR, AHMEN
      - SSYRA is getting new certificates
      - Rochester District is active and doing ok (They have been permitted to race). LYRA, Brockport YC is active.

    3. PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship & New Racer Awards
      - Chapman Season Championship is cancelled - Due to the lack of events
      - Chapman New Racer Award is cancelled – Given that this is awarded based on race results, it was felt cost and quality needed to be considered.

    4. Year End estimate on finances
      Alison presented an interim financial report as of July 31st.
      For 2021, Income is at approximately $30,000 with a projected loss of $20,000
      Based on the current budget for 2021, the revenue decrease (due to lack of renewals in 2020) will create a loss that will need to be addressed.

    5. Financial Proposals for 2020/2021
      The discussion surrounding how to address the income shortfalls include:
      Race Credit for 2020: will only be given to those clubs that submit race results in 2020. Otherwise, the $5 credit will NOT be included in the Clubs 2021 membership invoice. Any type of results will qualify.
      Racing Certificates for 2020: All racers MUST apply for or renew their certificates if they are doing ANY type of racing using the PHRF-LO handicap system.
      Certificate Fees for 2021: All attempts are being made (by the administration) to avoid increasing fees, however, if renewals remain low, this may be up for review at the Annual Meeting in January.

Administrative expenses review for 2020:

- No Advertising and Promotion expenses (Chapman Awards)
- Meetings to be held via Zoom, even the Annual Meeting
- Continue Contract work on On-Line Certificate

Executive solutions to address loss in 2021:

- Banked “Reserve” will just cover this.
- Increase minimum # Cert – AGM approval required
- Increase Certificate Fee – AGM approval required

                        Future Solutions to consider:

It was suggested that many certificates are not being renewed due to the fact that clubs have included the fee in Club membership fees. It was suggested that perhaps we should now offer: Individual Membership Certificates payments and get away from club collections

Things to consider:

- We now have On-line certificates that “could” accommodate this
- We would need to consider how to design Membership Status
- Changes to Bylaws would be required

Action: A feasibility and logistics review will be done and presented at the next meeting.

f. Email blast to Certificate holders (based on all above)
Alison will draft a letter (by Aug 17th) that will be sent out to all Certificate holders & Posted on the web site to be included in the next News Letter to Handicappers. To INCLUDE:

- We hoped Racing would go back to normal and attempted to address this with OSA, with no movement on their part.
- If racing using PHRF, please renew to support PHRF-LO.

            Action: Larry will contact Don Finkle to have something included in his newsletter regarding supporting PHRF-LO

            Action: A letter will be sent to Sailmakers to encourage support

4. Training and Education WORKSHOP– Bill Topping

Action: Bill will look into moving this to a Webinar or Video conference

2021 - TOR (TORE OR TORW) – PCYC volunteered
2022 - SW (GHPRF/SSYRA) - Looking for Host Club!
2023 - EAST (EYC & ROCH) - Looking for Host Club

5. Next Meeting:

Zoom conference: Scheduled Thursday, November 12th, 2020, 7:00 pm

6. Adjournment of Executive at 8:30 pm.