Certificate Holders - How to ....

How to renew your certificate, update new sails, get your handicap reviewed etc etc.

This is the article for you!

So you have a certificate....now what?

Certificates are on-line!

You can view your certificate on-line (once it is renewed). Select Searches & Queries - Certificate Query from our main menu.

NOTE: Renewal of a certificate can only happen once your club has paid the PHRF-LO invoice for the season. Your handicapper can renew it on-line.
You can also look this up from our Searches Queiries - Member/Club Query.

Check to make sure it is correct in all aspects!

You are responsible for the information that is listed on your certificate. Sail sizes, propulsion type, keel type are all based on information that has been supplied to PHRF-LO. Mistakes happen! Getting it fixed as soon as possible will ensure that you will NOT get protested. PHRF-LO does not protest, but other competitors and organizing authorities can protest over inaccurate certificates.

HEADSAILS - make sure you know if it is smaller or larger than standard 155%

SPINNAKER - make sure you know if it is smaller or larger than standard 180% and if it is tacked to an Articulating Tack Point (ATP = Spinnaker pole, Articulating Bowsprit) or Centerline Tack Point (CTP = Bowsprit or Bow pulpit)

MAINSAIL - make sure you know if it is smaller or larger than standard 100%. All mainsails should be measured or you will see a 3 sec/nm penalty.

PROP - if the blades do not move, you are eligible for a credit. If they are folding or feathering, no credit will be applicable.

See our articles on Props

KEEL - Most Class boats come in many keel types, which vary in handicap. Make sure yours is correct!

See our articles on Keels

Have your sails measured!

Sail maker work orders or design orders may not match the actual measurements. In many cases, there are discrepancies.

Sails shrink and stretch. You should measure old sails to see if they are still within the measurements recorded on your certificate.

The Equipment Rules of Sailing describe the measurements.

As your first line, always go to your Club Handicapper!

He/she is the first person you should contact of any issues you may have with your certificate or handicap. They will be able to address most or all of your inquires and they are the liaison between you and the PHRF-LO office. They represent PHRF-LO at your club and have access to tools to fix most problems you may have.

I need to appeal my handicap!

The admin office is NOT here to adjudicate any appeals or help with your appeals.

There are forms to complete and you need to follow protocol as they are laid out in our article.

Filing the Appeal

You should read through many of the other articles we have:


When to contact PHRF-LO directly!

Your Handicapper is a volunteer and some times things happen. The PHRF-LO admin office is always here to help when things do.

Send us an email (the easiest way to contact us) or call us 800-488-9885 and leave a message.

In most cases, we will attempt to contact your club handicapper to see what the problem is or give you some quick directions.